Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mount Kinabalu - View from Inobong

..Hazel..one petite lady..one gorgeous lady with black raven hair..that's my wife's first impression of her..Hazel who made her a teensy wincy uncomfortable..Hazel, whose command of English is flawless..compared to my wife, whose command of "speaking the London" is not as fluent as she wants to be..Hazel dragged our attention to the mountain..no one bothered at first..only after all the hustle and bustle calmed..every lens available started pointing at the mountain..be it from the shelter..be it from the ground..the majestic Mount Kinabalu..hiding its tip behind the clouds..shyly..ever slowly showing its tip..a show that we just can't wait..a show that elude us this time..but one show caught my wife's attention..a vision of Hazel in white..definitely one stylo lady..in the mean time..Inobong awaits our next trip..faithfully...

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